West Lake Dragon Well Tea

The West Lake Dragon Well Tea is at the head of the top ten famous kinds of tea in China. The tea is “green in color, fragrant in scent, beautiful in shape and sweet in flavor”, which can be rated as “Four Incomparable”. The West Lake Dragon Well Tea is divided into five categories: lion (peak), dragon (well), cloud (perching), tiger (running) and Meijia Basin, of which the lion peak is of top grade and “tea picked before the Pure Brightness Festival” is superior treasure.

Wang Xingji Fan

Early in Song Dynasty, it was rated as “elegant fan in Hangzhou”. At present, it can be divided into 15 categories, of which the black paper fan and the sandalwood fan are the most famous. They not only sell well in China, but also are exported to more than 50 foreign countries and areas.

Hangzhou Brocade

Hangzhou brocade, honored as the rosy clouds in the heaven and fresh flowers on the ground, is an exquisite work of Chinese arts and crafts owing to its surpassingly beautiful colors and exquisite techniques. Early in the Tang Dynasty, which is over 1300 years ago, the handicraft of Hangzhou brocade had appeared, of which the products produced by the Hangzhou Dujinsheng Brocade Plant are the most famous. Now, the products of Dujinsheng Brocade Plant are sold to more than 100 countries and areas.

West Lake Silk Umbrella

With bamboo as bone and silk as umbrella fabric, West Lake silk umbrellas have beautiful patterns and have been praised as the “Flower of the West Lake” since ancient times. Now it has more than 10 types, such as silk umbrella of daily use, rainbow umbrella, dance umbrella and silk umbrella for acrobatics.

Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors

Zhang Xiaoquan scissors has a history of more than 300 years and is renowned both at home and abroad for its even steel setting, fine grinding and sharp cutting edge. It is honored as the “king of Chinese scissors”

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