West Lake Scenery One-day Tour
Scenic Spots:West Lake, Three Pools Mirroring the Moon, Linyin Temple, Peak Flying from Afar, Yellow Dragon Cave, Dreaming of the Tiger Running Spring at Hupao Valley, Song Dynasty City, Yuewang Shrine
Ticket Price:20 Yuan /personAdmission Ticket:155 Yuan /personTotal:175 Yuan /person (the actual admission fee is 255 Yuan /person)

Wuzhen Water Town One-day Tour
Scenic Spots:Former Residence of Mao Dun, Lizhi College, Xiuzhen Taoist Temple, Hundred Beds Museum, Ancient Theatrical Stage, Century-old Shop, Century-old Pawnshop, Jiangnan Folk Museum
Ticket Price:65 Yuan /personAdmission Ticket:100 Yuan /personTotal:125 Yuan /person (preferential price of travel agency)

Xixi Wetland One-day Tour
Scenic Spots:wetland customs tour (including storage battery car and boat), Xixi Essence Waters, Mist and Water Fishing Village, Hezhu Ancient Street, Gaozhuang, etc.
New Top Ten Scenes:Inquiring about Tea at Dragon Well, the Third Spring in the World, Dreaming of the Tiger Running Spring at Hupao Valley
Note:the shooting location of the movie If You Are the One directed by Feng Xiaogang
Expenses:165 Yuan /person (including transportation fee, tour guide service fee and admission fee)

Suzhou Garden One-day Tour
Scenic Spots:Lion Forest Garden, Yanyu Tang, Nine Lion Peak, Zhenqu Pavilion, Gusu Cruises, Huqiu Pagoda, millennium ancient temple-- Hanshan Temple, Fengqiao Scenic Spot and Baodai Bridge Scenic Spot.
Expenses:288 Yuan /person (including the round-trip fare and admission fee, the meal fee will be paid by yourself)

Huangshan Mountain Scenery Two-day Tour
       Including the round-trip fare, short-distance fare, admission fee, tour guide service fee, travel liability insurance fee and accommodation fee for standard rooms and so on
Ticket Price: two-day tour 550 Yuan /person (the accommodation fee for living one night at the foot of mountain, cableway fee and meal fee will be paid by yourself)

Qiandao Lake One-day Tour
Scenic Spots:departing from Hangzhou to Qiandao Lake at 7:00, tour the four to five islands of different sizes in Qiandao Lake
Fares:138150 YuanAdmission Ticket:150 Yuan /personTotal:288 Yuan /person

Yaolin Wonderland One-day Tour
Scenic Spots:Yaolin Wonderland, Three Palaces and Six Courts, Red Lanterns Rural Tourism, Drifting in Tianmu Creek
Ticket Price:22 Yuan /personAdmission Ticket:150 Yuan /personTotal:172 Yuan /person

Shaoxing Ancient Town One-day Tour
Scenic Spots:Former Residence of Lu Xun (Three-flavour Study, Hundred-plant Garden, Ancestral House of Lu Xun), Jian Lake, Ke Yan, Luzhen Scenic Spot
Fares:65 Yuan /personAdmission Ticket:130 Yuan /personTotal:195 Yuan /person

Shanghai Metropolis One-day Tour
Scenic Spots:Sightseeing Tunnel, Pudong New Area, Ascending the platform of the Oriental Pearl (the second spherical body), Looking far into Shanghai World Financial Center, Jinmao Building, Nanpu Bridge, Huangpu Park, Town God's Temple, The Bund, Nanjing Road, Pedestrian Street.
Expense: 328 Yuan /person (round-trip fares and admission fee, the meal fee will be paid by yourself)

Putuo Buddhism Country Two-day Tour
Scenic Spots:D1 Touring the Southern Heavenly Gate, Puji Temple, West Heaven Scenic Spot, living at Putuo Mountain
D2 Touring the Fayu Temple, Qianbusha Beach (Baibusha), Purple Bamboo Forest, South Sea Guanyin Buddhist Statue, Refusing-to-go Guanyin Court, Chaoyin Cave.
Ticket Price:590 Yuan /person (including the admission fee and round-trip fares)

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